World Wide Wagener (October 1996)

September 1996 was a momentous month in the life of the town of Wagener. During September, Wagener made its presence known on Internet.

Yes, Wagener now has it's own home-page on the World Wide Web, the most popular portion of the internet. Folks from all over the planet will be able to hear about the latest news in Wagener, read the history of the town, and see photographs of the town, its people, and its surrounding area.

In order to locate the Wagener Home Page on the internet, you need to know its "URL", or Universal Resource Locator. A URL is the cryptic address you may have begun to notice displayed at the bottom of TV commercials and other advertisements. If you know Wagener's URL, you will be able to access the home page from any computer in the world. The URL for Wagener is

The Tri-County News is also online at the following URL:   The Tri-County News currently contains many of the articles for previous issues, and will soon contain many of the photographs found in the paper.

If you have any writings on the history of Wagener, or photographs or maps that you'd like to see published on the internet, please contact Dr. Geek, c/o Tri-County News, PO Box 627, Wagener, SC 29164, or cal 564-5238.

If you have a computer related question for Dr. Geek, please mail it to:
The Tri-County News
PO Box 627
Wagener, SC 29164.

Letters are subject to Editor's approval and must be accompanied by your name and address.

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