Resumes on the Internet (August 1996)

Dear Dr. Geek:

I want to send some of my resumes via email. What is the best way to send them out?

I can send them as an attachment, but then the person receiving them has to bring them into a word processor. When I try to send them as text in the email message, I lose the fancy fonts and the tabs get messed up. Please respond with any suggestions.

Hungry Job Hunter

Dear Hungry:

Including your resume as text in your e-mail is probably not a good idea. Chances are it will not print correctly and someone along the way will think you've delivered a sloppy resume.

Sending as an attachment the best idea, but in what format? I believe you have two options: plain (ascii) text, or Microsoft Word. Plain text will not have any formatting, but it is guaranteed to be read by any word processor. You can replace your tabs with spaces, and lose the fancy fonts.

The second option is to use the format of the world's best-selling word processor, MS Word. Chances are good that your word processor will save a file in MS Word format (.DOC), and that the recipient will be able to read an MS Word document. When saving your document as a DOC file, you may have an option to use one of several different versions of Word (Word 2.0, Word 5.0, Word 6.0,...). Be sure and use the oldest version available to increase your chances of having it read at the other end.

Good luck, and I hope you get the job.

Dr. Geek

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